Nacho Room

Rehearse. Record. Relax.


Just a few things we do.


Whether you have two tracks, or 50+ stems, we can help you hone a perfect sound for your mix with a combination of modern and vintage gear. Read more about our audio mixing services.


Looking to get a loud, radio ready sound without squashing your tone or creating harshness? We can help. Read more about our audio mastering services.


Working on a demo? At Nacho Room you can record up to 12 tracks live to disk and then take those tracks with you to mix and overdub.

About the Room


The room is 10 x 16 — 160 square feet. Big enough for a 4-6 piece band (if you're not giants).


5-piece Gretsch drum kit with mics for kick, snare, and overhead (more can be added if needed). Behringer Xenyx 12 channel mixer with live-to-disk recording. 3 vocal mics (more if needed). 3 DI boxes to record bass, guitar amps, etc. Digitech vocal effects unit. 2 Mackie monitors.


Air conditioning. Mini fridge. Ice machine. On-site bathrooms. Wall-mount guitar/bass holders.


Enjoy a few pics of our studio!